After spending few years in web development Aditya thought why not have a site of his own!

Also being a developer team member with Coppermine, one of the largest open source photo gallery in PHP, he wanted a gallery for his own where he can put photos of his family and friends.

Feel free to browse the site and see the functionality of CPG. If you like it, download it from here.


Aditya completed his Masters Degree in Computer Management in year 2005. Besides, Aditya has also done a PG Diploma in Computer Application.

C and C++ were always the languages of interest to him and thus PHP was his natural choice to persue the career in computers. Before making it into development, Adiya was in teaching profession and worked with some of the leading computer institutes. buyanessaysonline.com

Aditya lives in Nagpur, India, second greenest city in the country. Also, Nagpur is famous for Oranges and thus the nickname Orange City.


Currently employed with SANIsoft Technologies as a Technical Manager, Aditya is leading some of the excellent projects in PHP. In SANIsoft, he also devote a lot of time for open source projects. Coppermine Photo Gallery, the most popular web based photo management software is one such example. It’s a pleasure for him to be one of the lead developer of Coppermine.

Also, Aditya has developed Koppermine a KDE tool for uploading photos to Coppermine using the API for Coppermine.

You can more about Aditya’s Opensource work Here.


Feel free to contact me anytime @ aditya [at] this domain