Coppermine Photo Gallery

Coppermine is a multi-purpose fully-featured and integrated web picture gallery script written in PHP using GD or ImageMagick as image library with a MySQL backend. It gives you the freedom to host your own photo gallery like this one. The current stable version of Coppermine is 1.4.25 and the work has already started on 1.5 branch.

We are also working on cpgNG (The Next Generation Coppermine) which is based on MVC with Page Controller Pattern. The Alpha is already released and we are working towards the first stable release.

You can download the stable Coppermine 1.4.25 Here


Picasa2Coppermine is a plugin for Coppermine Photo Gallery version 1.5.x (yet to be released) which enables the Picasa users to upload photos to their Coppermine hosted website directly from Picasa.

The plugin also has the option of resizing the images and creating the thumbnails as per settings before uploading the pictures. Also, users can select the album to upload photos to or create new one if needed directly from Picasa.

Koppermine – A KDE client for Coppermine Photo Gallery

Koppermine is a KDE client for Coppermine Photo Gallery which allows users to upload photos to their Coppermine install from desktop. It also allows you to resize, rotate and mirror images before uploading and enter details for the images like Title, Description and Keywords.

With the release of Version 1.1 Koppermine supports rotating and mirroring the images. It also tries to retain the EXIF information of the image if some modifications are applied to the image.

Koppermine requires the Coppermine API, which can been downloaded here. Just unzip the api directory in your Coppermines root folder and thats it. It will respect all your gallery settings so you need not worry about your privacy.

To read more about features, downloads, installation, etc. please visit Koppermine’s home