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July 16th, 2016

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And never forget that Dolan years ago made it known that his basketball confidant is Isiah Thomas, who still holds that title as well as the title of president of the WNBA’s Liberty
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Jose Iglesias, the Tigers shortstop, went down swinging at an 81-mph curveball.
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The Centers for Disease Control recommends that children wear a broad-spectrum and water-resistant sunscreen that will protect them from both UVA and UVB radiation and will endure water activities
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China's factory output growth hit a five-month high of 6.8pc in June compared with a year ago, separate data showed on Wednesday, in an encouraging sign that the Chinese economy may be stabilising
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His lawyers say schizophrenia so warped his mind he could not tell right from wrong, and that he was in the grip of a psychotic breakdown.
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"My teacher said she's never given an F." He went on to very gently, quite succinctly explain why he disagrees on the climateissue with most of the party whose presidential nomination he is seeking:
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It may have the fame factor, with renowned songs and sweeping strings, but these are mordant lullabies for grown-ups.
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The companies plan to develop cancer and autoimmune disease treatments.
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“It’s imperative we find out how Darryl came about his injuries and that those responsible are traced and held to account
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sanctions are central to the international regime because of the country's influence on global trade and banking.
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Despite the furor, the ruling bloc may push bills allowing a greater role for the military through the lower house as early as this week to ensure passage before parliament adjourns on Sept
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"This is the fifth Ashes I've played in and it's the first time anyone has gone for a drink after just one Test," said Siddle
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But unfortunately the agreement is colored by the ill-advised and humiliating proposal for a 50 billion Euro asset fund – acting in effect as collateral for the loan Greece has requested

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