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July 16th, 2016

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Leaders wanted to ensure that charitable organizations that would receive funds from the legislation are 100 percent focused on diagnosing, treating and curing breast cancer, said a senior U.S
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Only after that will negotiations start on Greece’s third bail-out
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According to the latest figures, 2014 was its busiest year to date, with a 20% jump in calls and a doubling of calls from people with early-stage dementia.
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"Councils are doing all that they can to maintain and improve their footpaths," says a Local Government Association spokesman
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He qualified this by saying that, if no other smartphoone manufacturers stand up to build Windows devices, Microsoft will build them
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It shows that she is sticking to her guns in wanting to protect tax credits
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It was a nightmare.’ Cutting out alcohol, avoiding caffeine and spicy foods, wearing loose clothing and exercising daily are all thought to help prevent hot flushes
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Gooden struck out Lance Parrish, Chet Lemon and Alvin Davis in the first of his two innings in the 1984 All-Star Game as a 19-year-old.
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In contrast, several European oil companies werequick to express their interest in Iran both before and afterthe deal was announced.
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nuclear agency can ask to inspect a site it deems suspicious
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“I know that the clubs that have seen him pitch and know what he’s about know what kind of competitor he is,” Amaro told host Angelo Cataldi
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It is not written or edited by the P-I
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The issue has been on the back burner in recent years as sanctions have been given time to work and the Vienna negotiations gathered momentum.
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Apart from Froome, the big winner on the day was Saint-Pierre-La-Martin, the Pyrenean ski resort hosting a stage finish for the first time
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The Yankees enter the break with a 3.5-game lead in the American League East despite a streaky few months
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Another All-Star to have turned that trick was Fielder
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The three-judge panel included one judge who also ruled in the Hobby Lobby decision
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The obvious test over these final two years of Wenger’s contract is now to put that together over one league season

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