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Coppermine 1.5 – Call for testers

July 28th, 2009 3 comments

The Coppermine team has taken a first major step for CPG 1.5 by releasing the alpha version few days ago. This release is strictly for testers  and general users cannot download it. Also, note that CPG 1.5 is not yet ready for deploying on production sites. You should only set it up on your local testbeds or development site with limited public access.

If you are a seasoned Coppermine user and/or interested in testing big web applications and want to help us in testing the new release, then go through cpg1.5.1 alpha: how to become a tester and see whether you fit the job. If so, do let us know with your short bio and how you can help us.

Non-testers – don’t feel bad. We will soon have something for you as well. 🙂