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May 3rd, 2006 3 comments

We knew that just creating the API won’t any good to Coppermine. So the next bigger task in hand was to create a client using that API to show the world that what we have made is gold. Since we use Linux at our workplace and I always use the latest Fedora Core (5 at the time of writting this) we decided to build a KDE Client.

Choosing a name was not so difficult. Most or every KDE application starts with K and we had a direct choice of replacing C with K and that was the birth of Koppermine.

The biggest challenge for me was to learn KDE programming. At the time of starting we just knew that there is something called as KDevelelop which we can use to build application and QT-Designer to design the forms. We are very thankful to the KDE-India list who helped us a lot and answered my newbie questions with patience.

While writting this Koppermine is stable and enjoying its release 1.1