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Nagpur PHP Meetup – Report – August 2009

August 8th, 2009 4 comments

The second PHP meetup in as many months was held today, 8th August 2009. Unlike last meetup where mostly freshers attended it, this time was saw only experienced PHP programmers in city for the meetup. Reason – the topic of meetup. It was to discuss the security issues faced by developers while writing commercial as well as opensource programs.

The meetup started with my seminar on this topic where I tried to cover the basic problems, general programming flaws which leads to various security vulnerabilities. The major topics covered where –

  • Input validation
  • Cross Site Scripting, i.e.,  XSS
  • SQL Injection and
  • Session Fixation

The seminar was followed by some useful tips from Dr. Tarique Sani on how to write the secure code. He pointed out that code security should be implemented from the point you begin the project. It shouldn’t come as an afterthought as it becomes impossible to make your application 100% secure at a later stage.

We also discussed some community building exercises to get more PHP developers from Nagpur for the meetup. Everyone at the meetup agreed to bring with them atleast two more PHP programmers for the next meetup who are either their colleagues or their friends working in other companies in Nagpur.

The agenda for next meetup was also fixed. We will be targeting the newbie crowd who atleast knows what is PHP and will guide them on How and Why do PHP. Also, those who will bring their laptops/netbooks/PC’s at the meetup, we will help them install and run PHP on their setup.

Finally, a big news – We have booked the venue, Jog House, for every second Saturday for next 12 months (except November and December when it will be on first Saturday).

I hope all my friends working on PHP in Nagpur will see this post and start attending the future meetups.


View/Download the presentation from Slideshare.


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